We think if asked, "What makes the collector's videos you offer any better than someone else's?"
we'd better have some pretty good answers.

So for those of you "quality-minded" collector's who arrived by a link onto this page, you are
going to get the answers right here.
First, you have to have the very best possible sources, and for
vintage anime or any cartoons or television shows made before
the mid-late 80's that source is 16mm motion picture film.

We have taken extra effort to obtain as many of these films we
can. Of course we do not have films of every episode and title
represented in the Anime Archive. The remainder of titles &
episodes are from the best videotape sources that we could
locate & have collected for many years - having low generation
copies of these tapes and many of the 16mm films means you
have the best sources, hands down.  
DVDs can be made the RIght Way, or the Wrong way... Just
because something is on a DVD does not make it superior to
the source it came from.

Increasing numbers of websites are "popping up" on the
Internet, many, "ebay refugees" looking to sell their wares to
escape the fees or because they were booted out...99% of
them started their "businesses" by buying and "cloning" DVDs
from other auction sellers!

These "fly-by-nights" put up a cheap "template" webpage, pay
the absolute most for "pay-per-click" advertising to get seen
immediately and lower their prices below everyone else's...
Ynot? It's nothing but poor quality videos in a pretty box they
are offering you anyway. You probably notice when doing a
search for "8th Man" or "Prince Planet" we rank high in the
non-paid search, that's because our webpages have been
established on the Internet for many years - and we get more
traffic than these transitory sites. Some vendors DVDs are
even from VHS tapes they got from our archive, or they have
taken 8Store material and compressed it to less number of
discs -
see more about that here.

Besides poor sources, chances are these vendors, or online
auction sellers will try and compress as much information on to
one disc as they can to lower their DVD stock overhead. While
that will save them money, it becomes unfortunate to YOU the
End User in that the low bitrates and excessive compression
applied to make such a loaded "Wonder DVD" with 18 -20 25
min. episodes make the picture look worse than the sources!

Essential information is replaced with extreme pixelation and
blockiness which is the only data left to interpret a picture to
your TV.

Generally, 8Store is not competing with these clowns...they
offer a wide variety of old and more recent Bootleged cartoons
and TV shows and Movies -- but if Vintage Anime is what you
need you are well advised to not expect much from the above
described shopping venue.  

We ARE video professionals & we want your DVD to be JUST
AS GOOD as our film elements and other sources so we take
all the steps that are necessary to assure all digital video/audio
data is optimized for the right number of episodes per DVD disc
with the highest bandwidth possible. This means the picture
and sound on our DVDs is far better than the poorly authored,
overly compressed discs that are far too common.
We offer Inkjet Printed DVDs on many of our main titles.
Printed on a specially produced media, this is not a sticky
label that can dry up, peel off, or bubble up over time
rendering your disc useless, or worse coming off inside your

And in addition to durability, having graphic artwork and
episode titles on your disc make identification and selection a
breeze, a very User-friendly point.

You might also notice that we don't just take some common
picture off the Internet and slap it haphazardly on the disc.
Avoiding this type of "cookie-cutter" design 8 Store/ Anime
Archive custom printed discs have a planned and thoughtful
approach. All our graphics are first pre-prepared using a
paint program to restore, enhance and add special effects.
There are no other printed discs like ours. The difference in
our Inkjet Printed discs with custom graphics is one that you
can see!
Today almost ALL of our Anime & KaijuTitles and Series sport
our very own Navigational Menus.

Like our printed discs with Custom Graphics and episode titles
our Custom DVD Menus are thoughtfully planned and
executed using only professional graphics tools.

Never created with a generic "template" our DVD Menus
usually require several steps using various software graphics
applications other then main authoring application!
They are designed to be User-friendly with no guess work to
find your way around on-screen.  

Some of our menus are the "Motion menu" variety, meaning
the menu background and/or certain elements are videos
themselves...creating a pleasant visual experience as you
navigate the menu. Many of our Menus are multi-layered and
some even have extras like links to rare video clips and
special Galleries with artwork and Information. They take many
hours to produce, refine and create the finished product.

Although we don't have to go to this much trouble, it is a
delight to us, to hopefully delight our customers with
something special that they are not likely to get shopping on
"FeePay" or some other site where moving high quantities of
low quality is the vendor's or auction seller's main priority.

If you have been disappointed at online auctions and other
Internet venues you have come to right place...

The 8Store where the Quality is in the disc!
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