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Amazing 3 and Super 6
Complete Spectreman on DVD
The Lone Ranger 1966-68

Complete Episode list - Note: episodes may not appear in this order on the DVDs.
**DVDs have 72 episodes not 76 as listed below
Season 1
1. The Trickster/The Crack Of Doom/The Human Dynamo
2. Ghost Riders/Wrath Of The Sun God/Day Of The Dragon
3. The Secret Army Of General X/The Cat People/Night Of The Vampire
4. Bear Claw/The Hunter And The Hunted/Mephisto
5. Revenge Of The Mole/Frog People/Terror In Toyland
6. Black Mask Of Revenge/The Sacrifice/Puppetmaster
7. Valley Of The Dead/Forest Of Death/The Fly
8. A Time To Die/Ghost Tribe Of Commanche Flat/Attack Of The Lilliputians
9. Circus Of Death/The Brave/Cult Of the Black Widow
10. El Conquistador/Snow Creature/The Prairie Pirate
11. Man Of Silver/Nightmare In Whispering Pine/Sabotage
12. Mastermind/The Lost Tribe Of Golden Giants/Monster Of Scavenger Crossing
13. The Black Panther/Thomas The Great/Island Of The Black Widow

Season 2
1. Paddle Wheeling Pirates/A Day At Death's Head Pass/Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Scientist
2. The Kid/Stone Hawk/Sky Raiders
3. The Man From Pinkerton/Tonto And The Devil Spirit/Deadly Glassman
4. Black Knight/Taka/Fire Rain
5. The Secret Warlock/Wolfmaster/Death Hunt
6. Terrible Tiny Tom/Fire Monster/The Iron Giant
7. Towntamers, Inc./Curse Of The Devil Doll/It Came From Below
8. Black Arrow/The Rainmaker/Flight Of The Hawk
9. The Avenger/Battle At Barnaby's Bend/Puppetmaster's Revenge
10. Reign Of The Queen Bee/Kingdom Of Terror/Quicksilver
11. The Legend Of Cherokee Smith/The Day The West Stood Still/Border Rats
12. Lash And The Arrow/Spectre Of Death
13. Mr. Midas

**These Eps are NOT included on DVDs: Attack Of The Lilliputians/The Kid/Stone
Hawk/Sky Raiders
Tarzan Lord of the Jungle 1976
Complete Episode list - Note: episodes may not appear in
this order on the DVDs.

1- Tarzan and the City of Gold
2- Tarzan and the Vikings
3- Tarzan and the Golden Lion
4- Tarzan and the Forbidden City
5- Tarzan and the Graveyard of the Elephants
6- Tarzan's Return to the City of Gold
7- Tarzan and the Strange Visitors
8- Tarzan and the Land of the Giants
9- Tarzan and the Knights of Nimmr
10-Tarzan's Rival
11-Tarzan and the City of Sorcery
12-Tarzan at the Earth's Core
13-Tarzan and the Ice Creature
14-Tarzan and the Olympiads
15-Tarzan's Trial
16-Tarzan, the Hated
17-Tarzan and the Sunken City of Atlantis
18-Tarzan and the Bird People
19-Tarzan and the Colossus of Zome
20-Tarzan and the Beast in the Iron Mask
21-Tarzan and the Amazon Princess
22-Tarzan and the Conquistadors
23-Tarzan and the Spider People
24-Tarzan and the Space God
25-Tarzan and the Lost World
26-Tarzan and the Monkey God
27-Tarzan and the Haunted Forest
28-Tarzan and the Island of Dr. Morphos
29-Tarzan and the Sifu
30-Tarzan and Jane
31-Tarzan and the Land Beneath the Earth
32Tarzan and the Drought
33-Tarzan and the Soul Stealer
34Tarzan and the Future King
35-Tarzan and the Huntress
36-Tarzan and the White Elephant
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