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8th Man Prime - The
Ultimate 8th Man
viewing experience!
(e) English (j) Japanese

1. Gori Targets The Earth (e)
2. Smash Hedron, The Pollution Monster (e)
3. The Blue Terror (e)
4. Rah Searches The Earth (e)
5. Terror Of The Pollution People (e)
6. Save The Beautiful Earth (e)
7. The Black Horror (e)
8. Duel! Gokinosaurus! (e)
9. The Terror Of Nezubirdon (e)
10. Stop The Monster Train (e)
11. The Titanic Monster Dustman Appears! (e)
12. Terror Rises From The Dead (e)
13. Neo Hedron Strikes Back - Part 1 (e)
14. Neo Hedron Strikes Back - Part 2 (e)
15. A Great Earthquake Levels Tokyo (e)
16. Retaliation Of Magnetudon (e)
17. Watch The Thunder Gei - The Flying Whale (e)
18. Torpedo Monster Island (e)
19. Makulah - The White Ant Monster Appears (e)
20. Find Bakulah's Nest (e)
21. Mysterious Alien Zunoh VS Gilgind (e)
22. The Violent Charge Of The Duel Bladed Monster Giligind
23. Auto Accident Monster - Korumanikolas (e)
24. Danger! Korumanikolas (e)
25. Grand Double Operation (e)
26. Two Giant Monsters Battle In Tokyo (e)
27. Titanic Battle Seven Giant Monsters (e)
28. Terrifying Attack Salamander (e)
29. Kill The Attack Salamander (e)
30. Terror Comes Ashore: Monster Tag-Match! (J)
31. Protect The Lighthouse! (J)
32. The Three Headed Dragon Rises Again (e)
33. SOS! The Undersea Oil Field (J)
34. The Fury Of Moon Thunder (e)
35. Is Spectreman Dead? (e)
36. Gmen VS Monster Beragon (e)
37. Destroy Gori's Saucer Base (e)
38. Advance Towards The Sphinx (J)
39. Break Into The Monster Zone (e)
40. The Grass-Whistling Monster (J)
41. Vapor Monster Dies At Dawn (J)
42. Solar Mask Arrives (e)
43. Appearance Of Monster Kabagon (e)
44. Alien Kyudora - Cosmic Plunderer (e)
45. Alien Pal Forever (e)
46. Invitation From The Dead (J)
47. Alien Gama Commence The Attack (J)
48. Bobby Don't Become A Monster (e)
49. Genius Monster Noman (e)
50. Smash Alien Igorl! (J)
51. Riddle Of The Cobalt Monster (J)
52. Operation: Capture Monster Mound-Dragon! (J)
53. The Iron Claws Of Horror (J)
54. Pulverize The Computer-Monster! (J)
55. Order: Assassinate Spectreman! (J)
56. Cosmic Hitman - Comet Mask (J)
57. Resurrection Of Great Satan - The Witch (J)
58. Gorda - The Phantom Monster (J)
59. Alien Genos - The Messenger Of Hell (J)
60. Deadly Dance Of The Monster Dokuron (J)
61. The Terrifying Monster Show (J)
62. This Is Gori's Final Death-Match (J)
63. Goodbye Spectreman (J)
64. Unaired Pilot (J)

1. Ultra Operation #1
2. Shoot The Invader
3. Charge Forth Science Patrol
4. Five Seconds Before The Big Explosion
5. The Secret Of Miroganda
6. Coast Guard Orders
7. The Blue Stone Of Baraj
8. The Monster Lawless Zone
9. Operation "Quick As Lightning"
10. The Mysterious Dinosaur Base
11. Rambunctious One From Space
12. Cry of The Mummy
13. Oil S.O.S.
14. Pearl Oyster Defense Order
15. The Space Ray Of Terror
16. Science Patrol To Space
17. Passport To Infinity
18. Brother From Another Planet
19. Evil Repeated
20. The Dreaded Route 87
21. Break Through The Smoke
22. Surface Destruction Maneuver
23. My Home Is Earth
24. The Underwater Science Base
25. The Dreaded Comet Tsuiphon
26. The Monster Prince Part 1
27. The Monster Prince Part 2
28. Human Specimen 5,6
29. Challenge To The Underground
30. The Phantom Snow Mountain
31. Who Has Arrived?
32. The Endless Counterattack
33. The Forbidden Phrase
34. Present From The Sky
35. The Monster Graveyard
36. Don't Shoot! Arashi!
37. The Small Hero
38. Spaceship Rescue
39. Farewell, Ultraman
8th Man Prime DVDs are newly remastered or made from
previously unused (by us) 16mm prints - the is the next best
thing to being in the screening room with the dubbing team!
All English Dialog this is the 8th Man you know and love but
you have never seen it like this before!
Ultra 7 - Volume One - 5 eps  / $25.00 - Interactive Menu
English dubbed. Very high quality transfers. See the second
Ultra-dude continue to fight the good fight to project Earth from
nasty Monsters and Alien hordes bent on domination of the human
race. Introducing the Ultra-Garrison who fight alongside Ultra
Seven! Many more volumes to come!
Ultra 7
DVD Vol. 1

Mostly we deal in Specialty Items a lot of R&D goes
into making these titles available in the Best Possible
Quality. To better appreciate the efforts we take "behind
the scenes" please read
this. Or see here.

As fans ourselves who grew up with these cartoons as
our afternoon heroes and friends we know how folks like
you, "grown-up" or not, just can't forget them!
These early anime imports speak to our hearts of a
simpler time -- when the most urgent thing on  our
"schedules" was to run home from school and plop down
in front of the TV. Helping folks to recapture these special
memories is what we are about.    

As Specialists that archive these titles we can assist
you in building a
BETTER vintage anime collection. We
focus on early english-dubbed Japan anime and because
we endeavor to constantly upgrade our media, you get
the best available.
customer service we are second to none, we
guarantee your satisfaction - In fact we aren't happy,
unless YOU are happy and that's the bottom line!  

Our primary mission is to be a Quality source for fans &
collectors to supply Hard-To-Find public domain anime
titles you know and love. Plus we have added some rare
American and Japanese live action  kid's programming.
Also be sure to check out the newest addition to the site
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Godzilla '54 - 1 DVD / $25.00
The Original (no Raymond Burr) action
thriller.  English subtitled. Simply a
Great Classic Movie!
Jackie Chan Fights & Outtakes - 1 DVD /
If you just like to watch the best of Jack's rowdy fight
scenes this is the video for you!
Also includes "behind the scenes" takes that didn't go
so well for ol' Jack - Ouch!  Non-stop ACTION!  DVD
runs around an hour.
Jackie Chan
Our Latest addition: Prime Edition DVDs
Now see the 8th Man TV
show like never  
The sharpness and clarity of our 8th MAN Prime
DVD is achieved by using the finest sources
and writing them to DVD-R in "Real-Time"
rather than multiple high speeds.

The difference is one that you CAN SEE!
8thmanDotCom has hand-picked the Best of the  
Best 8th Man episodes for our Prime DVDs

On 8th Man Prime Vol #1:

The Thundermaker
The Nuclear Witch
The Monster Bird
The Threat of Disaster
Seven Days of Terror

ppd. in the USA

To ORDER the 8th Man PRIME DVD #1
As Seen On TV!

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