Amazing 3 and Super 6
Complete Spectreman on DVD
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Comparison Still Frames: our old DVDs vs. v2.0
They are raw full frame captures, only optimized for
the web and otherwise unretouched.
old DVD
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v2.0 DVD
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8th Man v2.0 & Legacy Edition DVD menus have graphics you will love
as much as the great episodes. The 2.0 Menus use "invisible" links
that will become visible as they are selected.... Cool!
All new DVD Menus on our new 8th Man Version 2.0
and 8th Man Legacy DVDs.
Full Motion Menu Backgrounds with
Cool Extra Features and Background Audio Clips

All engineered for your maximum enjoyment!
Menu Backgrounds Move with the Music of the 8th Man series
No ordinary Menus, no ordinary Episodes - 8th Man 2.0 is The Best!
We think 8th Man fans deserve only the
Best...and here are benefits that you
can see in our best 8th Man DVDs!