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The 8Store film archive contains many public domain 16mm originals or we use the
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Many Titles Include our custom Printed Disc Graphics & our Custom Menus are Second to None!
All our DVDs are Hand-Crafted with your Entertainment Satisfaction in mind!
8th Man 2.0 (7) DVD Set
w/ Disc Graphics
Marine Boy (15) DVD Set
w/ Disc Graphics included
Fables of the Green Forest (10) DVD Set
w/ Disc Graphics
8th Man Legacy (3) DVD Set
w/ Disc Graphics
8th Man Combo (10) DVD Set
Includes 2.0 & Legacy Sets
w/ Disc Graphics
Kum Kum (5) DVD Set
w/ Disc Graphics
The Little Mermaid Anime
w/ Disc Graphics included
Swan Lake Anime
w/ Disc Graphics included
Sea Prince & Fire Child
w/ Disc Graphics included
The Amazing 3 DVD (4) Vols.
Deputy Dawg DVD Vol. 1

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Our 8th Man 2.0 DVDs are without peer.
The 8Store film archive contains many 16mm
originals of key episodes of
8th Man plus we have
remastered many others!
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We have all 26  
Kum Kum  films - these amazing
quality images are on our
Kum Kum DVDs.  
26 of the finest episodes you can buy.
Get value that blows away any VHS copy.
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Our website
started in the year 1999
as the web's premiere site for the 8th Man TV series.
It's no accident that we rank high in the search
engines while many
"here today, gone tomorrow
sites are only in "paid search" results. People who
want to relive thier special memories know that we
"Specialize in Anime".

Our DVDs are...
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We only use the highest quality industry standard DVD stock
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The 8Store
All 8Store video titles are derivative works of
production materials created before 1978
(or to have originated from international sources and
unlicensed in the U.S.)
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More Customer Comments

I purchased an 8th Man DVD and it's great,
keep me up to date on new realeases and I
will be buying more 8th Man.

Recommended! Got Prince Planet from 8thman,com and I
was stunned by the sheer quality of the material! How to they
do it?? Didnt know it was possible to find anything this
Good...Had bought some "rare cartoons" on e*** before that,
which stunk...were obvious horrible fuzzy copies :p Getting
the 8th Man series next and I cant wait! Thanks again
J.P. Flordia

I highly recommend! Turnaround time
was quick and quality of the videos are as good as
the commercial versions, if not BETTER. And
communication was MORE than great. We Love the
hard-to-find Astro Boy episodes! Thank YOU.
Bob Brady, USA

The site was full of info on Vintage anime which I haven't
found anywhere else. It was easy to navigate around, and the
links were good. Ordering was easy and the DVDs arrived
quickly. A good experience all round.
John Cox

Thanks! We love the 8thMAN DVDs!
G.G. in Jersey

I am pleased that you provide Vintage
Animation and older and classic T.V.
programs. I think you have a great website
that provides buyers with the information that
they need regarding products that they might
be interested in.
Thanks, Jose

To many of us 9 year-olds who grew up in the time between
Howdy Doody and Skylab, robots were harbingers of better
and cooler things to come. In magnificent, flickering black
and white, Tobor's cybernetic alter ego was a fixture in many
of our living rooms. I'd hate to be a full-time kid again, but it's
nice to visit that part of my head for a short time where there
was always Kool-Aid in the fridge, a comfy beanbag chair
right in front of the big console TV, and a robot whose lips
never quite matched the dialog I heard. Thanks for the
Russ Price - Crowley, TX

You wouldn't believe how many months I
have been trying to track down this series, till
I finally found your web site. I was working
from memory looking for "Tovar the 8th man"
(not Tobor the eigth man)

You da man! - Thanks so much for your prompt
delivery of my videos. As you know, I have been
searching for YEARS for one particular episode.
Thanks for your fair price and quick delivery!!!!!!!
Dave - NJ, USA
The Hometown
Jamboree DVD
w/ Jimmy Bryant
& Speedy West
Have YOU been looking

Buy it Here - click the pic!
The FIRST & ORIGINAL Restored & Remastered
8th Man DVDs from Excellent Film Prints NOT
 READ FACTS HERE about how 8Store
DVDs have to be the FINEST quality available on
the market today!
Customer Comments
They love the Anime Archive because...

The picture quality is stellar on the Space Giants
DVD set. Love It! I can't tell you how many inferior
DVDs I've purchased through various channels
elsewhere only to see hideous compression and
freezing up during playback. I will definitely be buying
more from
Thanks, Jason

These are the cartoons I loved for years and years and finally
found them here! Thanks so much for your preservations of
these works of art! Everything was great!
Jamie S. - in Philly

I received my Amazing 3 DVDs this week, and they’re
great! I’m very impressed by the quality, and your
prices are quite reasonable for such rare items.
Thanks very much for your wonderful products and
excellent service!
Michael Glass

I got the video and wanted to add that it arrived in perfect
shape on the perfect day... Well I opened a bottle of wine,
and sat back and watched the Tobor the 8th Man episodes
all in a row. It was great, just the therapy that I needed.  
Thanks again, signed, Dave

I also had been "burned" at auctions with such
shoddy videos with poor sound and picture you can
hardly watch them without getting a headache!
By contrast the videos I received here at
cannot be compared... the difference is like night and
day. Worth every penny, and no headaches. And
service was professional and prompt, they
courtesously answered all my emails and questions
name withheld - N.Y.C

I love the fact that I am able to buy 8th man on a DVD and
see these classic episodes again. I am very pleased with the
service and the speedy response to any questions I will be a
repeat customer.
Thanks, Marc Cerrato

C.G.A. - in Mexico

Thanks! The Quality is great. I'll be ordering
more in the future.

Classic 60's cartoons that you have to search
for are so much fun when you find them and has the goods!
Feel free to list me as...
C. Phillips - Cleveland, OH.

I received my set of seven 8th Man DVDs a few days ago,
and I have to say they are great!! I have really been enjoying
watching these old episodes again. I had completely
forgotten "Samantha 007" until I saw it again on the DVD,
and then all the memories came back again! It is wonderful
having 42 episodes of the old show back! Fantastic work!
Thanks for bringing them back! Long live Tobor, the original
8th Man!
Kirk Hastings

I just ordered a complete set of Prince Planet on
VHS from and the quality for such a
historic anime is outstanding!
Thanks for a Great Product!
E.H. - Chicago, IL

"I love the DeForest Kelley "Life of St Paul -- Ambassadors for
Christ" video! It is reproduced from telecine to professional
standards and it was such a kick to see De in a role I never he
knew he had. He's in it a lot, too"!
Kristine Smith
Hollywood, CA
Author of the book: DeFOREST KELLEY: A HARVEST OF
Space Angel (9) DVD Set
Now 200+ episodes w/ Disc Graphics
Mickey McGuire
Rare 1920s-30
Kid's Comedy
Asian Live Action
Amazing 3 and Super 6
Complete Spectreman on DVD
DH from Philadelphia was this impressed...

I always question myself when I make a
purchase for a set of shows I already own,
but when I received the 8Store  set my fears
were relieved. When I saw how much better
your set is, I knew it was worth spending the
money! Thanks again for another high
quality product.

More Customer Comments
Ken from Singapore told us...

The DVDS arrived safely.  They're terrific!!
I shall be staying up late tonight reliving all my
childhood memories. You have performed and are
performing  a great service to fans/collectors.
I'm really impressed with your friendly, prompt and
professional way of doing things.
I certainly look forward to ordering from you again
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